Stainless steel structure

Made with #4 finish stainless steel

  • The front panel is made with SUS 304 1.5 mm thick stainless steel.
  • The side panel is made with SUS 304 1.0 mm thick stainless steel.
  • The tank panel is made with SUS 316 1.2 mm thick stainless steel.



  • Gas Noodle Cooker use two flower shaped burners come with explosion-proof safety switches.
  • An explosion-proof system is used for the gas switch: gas pipe diameter is 3/4” and pilot is ignited by Piezo ignition.
  • Piezo-ignited heating nozzles provide even and stable heating.
  • Electric Noodle Cooker, Built-in power leakage circuit breaker, temperature controller, magnetic switch, power switch, and water supply valve.
  • Electrical equipment includes pasta cooker (30~110℃), an overheating protection device and a heating switch.



  • Double-layer cabinet doors made of SUS 304 stainless steel.
  • The doors are made of double layer (interior and exterior) SUS 304 stainless steel.
  • Aesthetic door handles are designed to prevent foot injury.
  • Comes with four adjustable feet and a mesh board.